What is an application icon or app icon?

The application icon is a little graphic picture on your gadget or computer screen, which gain quick access to your applications. But there is one prohibition: a logo is not a synonym of the app icon. If you are confident, that logo and icon are similar things, then you show your unprofessional status. It has a lot of benefits. For
example, icons are significant. What does it mean? An icon shows the main goals of an application.


These pictograms are used for different brands. But, if you create various icons for one brand, then your pics must have similar signs. Icon creation is the main way to build a connection with the brand. You must be very careful because your app icons must represent shape, colors and other key elements, which describe only one brand.

It is very important

Why? Graphic and design are very popular. You know that popular product is an expensive product. So, you can earn good money. Then, you can develop your skills and invent something new.

Must know

Before you start creations, do some things. You have to choose size, shape, scale, proportions, style.
Anatomy of app icons Anatomy of icon links different graphic elements. So the main structures are an external layer, foreground, background, colors, shadows. The background is the deepest element of an icon. Foreground lies on a background and throws a shadow on it. There are different borders between the elements. External layer lies in all elements. All structures have personal colors. So, you have own application icon project.


App icons are very useful things in our life. You must have brilliant fantasy and great special knowledge to create your personal project. You can get a really high salary. But this job takes a lot of your time and will-power. On my mind, this branch of design is a very perspective way to show your talent.