About Application Icons

There is a joke that with advent of writing our civilization have to exist for more 4000 years just to get back to the same language, evolved from hieroglyphics to application icons. The convenience of using symbols withhstood the flow of time. It allows to pass the general notion of a certain idea and to be accessible to all cultures.
Every day new projects, businesses, startups emerge in fruitful human mind.

The presenation of successful undertakings takes place globally, that is why the importance of specific illustration accessibility is crucial. To communicate the idea of a certain app, an icon must be simple and vivid in order to be recognizable and eye catching at the same time. Here is the main dissimilarity between hieroglyphics and icons in terms of ease of decoding.

Various icons can be used in many projects delivering the similar idea, therefore uniqueness is highly appreciated. Of course, there are not multiple options for presenting the Contacts or Search icons, but the idea of using graphic symbols developed further in its significance. Now icons serve as the best tools to overcome
many cultural barriers providing important civic engagement, for instance. Here it’s appropriate to mention Iconathon, an icon design workshop to cover important civic aspects for better understanding of global problems. Such campains as adoption of organics recycling or climate change awareness game icons provide considerable catalyst for change.

So such raster patterns make benefit a lot in upstanding innovation, manifesting goals in new technologies, social memes slideshows, presentations, ads, and stories.