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We all know what application icons mean. But do you know their history and when they appeared? Today, it’s hard to imagine our life and the use of applications without the icons that they mark. We are accustomed to the fact that every program, game or application on the phone has its own icon.

Now application icons act as a symbol of a particular application, by which we recognize it and automatically pull the arm or mouse to open it, if necessary, often without even paying attention to the name of the program and guided only by the image.

So is it worth telling about the importance of the picture itself, which should not only entice users of different ages with different interests, but also stick in the memory and human
consciousness? I think, yes. Let’s move from the present to the origins of history. Application icons were created much later than the first computer with graphic design that saw the world in 1973.

And the subject of our article, that is application icons, appeared only in 1981. Agree, some time has passed. The first icons were simple black and white. And only a few years later they got the color,
later – the volume, shadows and shades. Some of them also had an unusual viewing angle. After the 2000s, they became realistic, more reminiscent of existing items, rather than a picture. All variations in the design were made for ease of use and attraction of users by their appearance.

However, despite the fact that the design of application icons has been constantly changing, the first versions of the icons in most cases have survived and then just changed a little before they came to our usual appearance today. Often you can hear the statement «New is well forgotten old». Exactly by this principle the developers of icons are guided, because nowadays realism has given a way to simplicity and «plane». And the design of the icons themselves turns to the origins that is not a surprise, because at the moment most users are for simplicity and ease.

Therefore, one should not underestimate, at first glance, the usual icon, which is the year of the work of dozens of people. After all, we are one of the main tools of progress and modification ans all this is done for us.

What is an application icon or app icon?

The application icon is a little graphic picture on your gadget or computer screen, which gain quick access to your applications. But there is one prohibition: a logo is not a synonym of the app icon. If you are confident, that logo and icon are similar things, then you show your unprofessional status. It has a lot of benefits. For
example, icons are significant. What does it mean? An icon shows the main goals of an application.


These pictograms are used for different brands. But, if you create various icons for one brand, then your pics must have similar signs. Icon creation is the main way to build a connection with the brand. You must be very careful because your app icons must represent shape, colors and other key elements, which describe only one brand.

It is very important

Why? Graphic and design are very popular. You know that popular product is an expensive product. So, you can earn good money. Then, you can develop your skills and invent something new.

Must know

Before you start creations, do some things. You have to choose size, shape, scale, proportions, style.
Anatomy of app icons Anatomy of icon links different graphic elements. So the main structures are an external layer, foreground, background, colors, shadows. The background is the deepest element of an icon. Foreground lies on a background and throws a shadow on it. There are different borders between the elements. External layer lies in all elements. All structures have personal colors. So, you have own application icon project.


App icons are very useful things in our life. You must have brilliant fantasy and great special knowledge to create your personal project. You can get a really high salary. But this job takes a lot of your time and will-power. On my mind, this branch of design is a very perspective way to show your talent.

Examples of social commerce

While talking about social commerce, we must admit that a person, who will work
with social media, must work with many variations. Searching through the
Internet, we can find so many social commerce examples. There are good and bad
variants, beautiful and terrible formations. Everything depends on an approach, so
to see a result of your work, you should do everything right.

The most popular social media for social commerce is Facebook. Many people
prefer to use it because it`s easy to contact with the others, find important
information with the keywords and distribute your goods.


Facebook content calendar

This phrase is very important for those who are interested in social commerce and
want to have income from it. Everyone makes his own Facebook content
calendar depending on his own abilities and authority. Sometimes people can`t
write one post per day, so they could make the calendar to have the strong number
of posts per week or per month.

One post per day

This formula is very simple and profitable at the same time. Your subscribers will
see the information every day, and they will understand a few things about you:
 You don`t have problems with posts.
 You will be able to communicate with clients.
 You are not cheating.


Important detail in your Facebook content calendar. Remember that hashtags
could help you to gain more subscribers and clients. People often use hashtags
while searching for something, so you can use it. It`s one of Facebook`s advantage,
so why not use it?

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