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All about Application icon

Application icon is a graphic visual marking at the screen and introduces itself a program, document or folder in Windows and any other virtual system that is needed to identify one from another. An icon can be displayed on the Desktop, hard and local discs, but on the Desktop in can also be displayed as a tag, if the program is hidden on the disc. A tag icon has an arrow mark at the bottom right side, but in Start menu tags don’t have these marks. Every single program (it is usually known as .exe file) has its own original icon that differs itself from another one. A program icon replaces the extension of files, so in caption to it you will see only a name of file.

A document (especially text, photo, presentation e. g.) usually has an icon of a program, which created it and is needed to open that document for viewing or editing. So, looking at this icon, you will always know what type of file it can operate with. A folder usually has its standard icon, but if user wants to point it out (depending on
its importance for him) among others, he can use a special icon for it like geometrical figures or any kind of picture icon.

On the PC, Notebook or Notepad Desktops icons are displayed in its usual way. In folder they can be seen in different ways: as large, medium, small thumbnails, tile, icons, list or table. On the Desktops of Smartphone,

Secure Telephone or Tablet PC (a.k.a. iPad) they can be displayed in either its usual way, or as 3D diagram, which can display them in many different ways. The most famous and recognizable application icons in Windows system (for PC, Notebook, Notepad etc.) are
My Computer, My Documents, My Music, My Videos, My Images, Trash, Hard Drive, Local Disc, Control panel, Tasks Manager, Downloads, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Skype, Viber, Google e. g. The most recent famous application icons among different mobile operation systems (such as Android for iPhone, iPad etc.) are applications of Apple Store, QR-code reader, Navigator, Java e. g. The more new virtual systems and applications are created and developed, the more new icons appear in virtual world.

About Application Icons

There is a joke that with advent of writing our civilization have to exist for more 4000 years just to get back to the same language, evolved from hieroglyphics to application icons. The convenience of using symbols withhstood the flow of time. It allows to pass the general notion of a certain idea and to be accessible to all cultures.
Every day new projects, businesses, startups emerge in fruitful human mind.

The presenation of successful undertakings takes place globally, that is why the importance of specific illustration accessibility is crucial. To communicate the idea of a certain app, an icon must be simple and vivid in order to be recognizable and eye catching at the same time. Here is the main dissimilarity between hieroglyphics and icons in terms of ease of decoding.

Various icons can be used in many projects delivering the similar idea, therefore uniqueness is highly appreciated. Of course, there are not multiple options for presenting the Contacts or Search icons, but the idea of using graphic symbols developed further in its significance. Now icons serve as the best tools to overcome
many cultural barriers providing important civic engagement, for instance. Here it’s appropriate to mention Iconathon, an icon design workshop to cover important civic aspects for better understanding of global problems. Such campains as adoption of organics recycling or climate change awareness game icons provide considerable catalyst for change.

So such raster patterns make benefit a lot in upstanding innovation, manifesting goals in new technologies, social memes slideshows, presentations, ads, and stories.

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Application icon as a masterpiece

People are used to perceiving the world visually by viewing everyday pictures and signs around. Even children read a book more willingly, if there are any drawings in. You will agree it is easier and more pleasant to use the app or search the site, where the interface is complete, created very attractively and professional, rather than that, make an excellent design of which programmers clearly did not want to. Without a doubt, in such cases the look of an app icon is important. It would seem as an unnecessary small detail. However, it really matters in the aspect of sales and marketing. Color combinations, size, shape really count, because such details give general impression on this or that product. That is why you cannot neglect them, if you want to grab the attention and adherence of the audience, not just to equalize your product with the others.

The icons were invented in 1970 at the Xerox Research Center PARC in Palo Alto to facilitate the interaction with the computer for beginners. By the way, what about the beginners, we often must explain to someone, how to operate a computer or a mobile phone saying ‘Press the cross symbol’, ‘Choose that picture of a
clock’ or ‘Find the letter A’ etc. As a result the icon should be memorable, simple to understand, easy to use, enlightening and conceptualized.

Plagiarism vs uniqueness

Usually closely imitating or rather laziness causes the situation, when the icon is selected from the ripe sources. But remember, establishing a brand identity requires something distinctive.

Creativity + tools = a valuable product

Any image displayed on a computer device screen is created in a graphic editor. Due to the fact that the sizes of the icons used today are mostly standardized (16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48), and the case usually has to be with very small pictures, developers create extremely simple and understandable images, for example, in the form of stylized characters that are the first letters in the
program name. It was on this principle that icons were created for social networks Twitter Facebook etc. The same approach can be observed when considering the “buttons” of Google or Skype.

Don’t go overboard.

And now, last but not the least a simplicity and conciseness of the design are the two most essential features. In order to make
the majority notice your idea, you do not have to overcrowd the icon. It is advisable not to use many colors or patterns. Do you remember Malevich’s Black Square? That was a breakthrough in art, which outset a new style. It is much easier to exploit an uncomplicated idea using sophisticated minimalism and
aesthetic appeal, which will be perfect. As far as I am concerned, such characteristics are always in the trend.

About application

We all know what application icons mean. But do you know their history and when they appeared? Today, it’s hard to imagine our life and the use of applications without the icons that they mark. We are accustomed to the fact that every program, game or application on the phone has its own icon.

Now application icons act as a symbol of a particular application, by which we recognize it and automatically pull the arm or mouse to open it, if necessary, often without even paying attention to the name of the program and guided only by the image.

So is it worth telling about the importance of the picture itself, which should not only entice users of different ages with different interests, but also stick in the memory and human
consciousness? I think, yes. Let’s move from the present to the origins of history. Application icons were created much later than the first computer with graphic design that saw the world in 1973.

And the subject of our article, that is application icons, appeared only in 1981. Agree, some time has passed. The first icons were simple black and white. And only a few years later they got the color,
later – the volume, shadows and shades. Some of them also had an unusual viewing angle. After the 2000s, they became realistic, more reminiscent of existing items, rather than a picture. All variations in the design were made for ease of use and attraction of users by their appearance.

However, despite the fact that the design of application icons has been constantly changing, the first versions of the icons in most cases have survived and then just changed a little before they came to our usual appearance today. Often you can hear the statement «New is well forgotten old». Exactly by this principle the developers of icons are guided, because nowadays realism has given a way to simplicity and «plane». And the design of the icons themselves turns to the origins that is not a surprise, because at the moment most users are for simplicity and ease.

Therefore, one should not underestimate, at first glance, the usual icon, which is the year of the work of dozens of people. After all, we are one of the main tools of progress and modification ans all this is done for us.

What is an application icon or app icon?

The application icon is a little graphic picture on your gadget or computer screen, which gain quick access to your applications. But there is one prohibition: a logo is not a synonym of the app icon. If you are confident, that logo and icon are similar things, then you show your unprofessional status. It has a lot of benefits. For
example, icons are significant. What does it mean? An icon shows the main goals of an application.


These pictograms are used for different brands. But, if you create various icons for one brand, then your pics must have similar signs. Icon creation is the main way to build a connection with the brand. You must be very careful because your app icons must represent shape, colors and other key elements, which describe only one brand.

It is very important

Why? Graphic and design are very popular. You know that popular product is an expensive product. So, you can earn good money. Then, you can develop your skills and invent something new.

Must know

Before you start creations, do some things. You have to choose size, shape, scale, proportions, style.
Anatomy of app icons Anatomy of icon links different graphic elements. So the main structures are an external layer, foreground, background, colors, shadows. The background is the deepest element of an icon. Foreground lies on a background and throws a shadow on it. There are different borders between the elements. External layer lies in all elements. All structures have personal colors. So, you have own application icon project.


App icons are very useful things in our life. You must have brilliant fantasy and great special knowledge to create your personal project. You can get a really high salary. But this job takes a lot of your time and will-power. On my mind, this branch of design is a very perspective way to show your talent.